Hi, I am Judith, an illustrator living in the center of the netherlands, graduated with a Bachelor of Design in illustration.

(HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht, 2017)

I love visualising complex subjects in clear visuals, whether that is in illustrations, infographics, eventdrawings, live graphic recording or anything else.


Let’s work together and create something playful, funny, surprising, clarifying or simply something new.


(interested, possibly enthusiastic or having questions? Send me a message!)




Selected clients:


Antonius ziekenhuis Nieuwegein |  Menne-instituut |  VPRO Tegenlicht Meetup Utrecht | Pakhuis de Zwijger | Drawing the Times | Gemeente Houten | Valkenburg Trainingen | Universiteit Wageningen | Historisch Museum de Bevelanden | boqx 0 | HKU | U-design.




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